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Intuitem specializes in cloud architecture, cyber security and software development. We build products and provide consulting services to simplify the overwhelming complexity of the modern digital world.

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Struggling with GRC?

Introducing CISO Assistant, an end-to-end, simple and intuitive solution to go beyond the spreadsheets and make risk and compliance assessment actionable!

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Modern and Off-the-shelf solutions

Amidst a rapidly shifting threat environment, safeguarding your digital assets is absolutely critical. Our cybersecurity solutions, whether comprehensive or custom-made, transform your operations, fortify defenses, and drive constant evolution. From detailed risk evaluations to the deployment of sophisticated defense tactics, our services are purpose-built to bolster your cybersecurity stance, offering you unshakeable resilience and undisrupted business continuity. Navigate the digital landscape with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your assets are well-protected with us.

Dedicated experts by your side

Our experts, backed by their rich experience and skill, stand ready to guide you through the complexities of today's technology landscape. They provide insightful advice, assist in crafting effective strategies, and help build robust systems. Moreover, our role doesn't end at merely creating solutions: we're committed to enhancing your team's capabilities through coaching, ensuring long-term autonomy and optimal performance. With us by your side, transform your challenges into opportunities for growth.