Agile Security Framework (ASF)

Agile methodologies are today's standard to develop software. However, security is still tricky to include the development process. As agile practitioners ourselves, we have developed a security framework that is easy to integrate into your workflow.

The documentation of ASF has grown big over the years and has moved to its own website. You can find it here:

Interested in contributing? You're welcome to reach out 🤗

Vendor Manager - Community Edition

If you are trying to optimize your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), you are probably moving more and more to SaaS products and external services. In this case, Vendors Management can become a nightmare and a burden to maintain.

As part of our Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) initiative, we are relasing a FREE community edition of the vendor manager solution so that everyone can afford to have at least some basic structure to manage third parties in a simple and structured way.

The repository is being structured and will be released soon. Stay tuned!