How can we help you 🤝

Cloud architecture
Define patterns and best practices for cloud architecture: resiliency, security, manageability, and cost optimization.
Cyber security program
Define and manage cyber security program: tools, policies, procedures, and controls.
Audit and pentest
Perform security audits and penetration tests, depending on your needs to identify vulnerabilities and risks.
R&D acceleration
Software development and DevOps: we can help you to accelerate your R&D projects, from ideation and product management to production.
Agile transformation
Agile coaching, training and implementation: we can help you to transform your organization to an agile one, or take it to the next level.
Implementing SRE
Take your production management to the next level. We help you demystify the hype and implement the right practices for your case.
Data Engineering
Help you design and implement data pipelines and associated data platform, from ingestion to data visualization.
Help you implement DevSecOps practices: define and implement security controls in your CI/CD pipelines, team awareness and secure your cloud infrastructure.