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CISO Assistant is a one-stop-shop for cyber security program management. It provides a pragmatic approach to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

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What you get with CISO Assistant

Learn more about the features that make CISO Assistant the best choice for your security team. We are constantly working to improve our product, so stay tuned for more features!


One-stop-shop for all your Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) topics. Don't waste any more time tracking and aligning Excel sheets across your organization.

Flexible Deployment

You can choose between cloud and on-premises deployment to align with your operational needs and security preferences. You can also start with one and migrate to the other later on.

Audit Management

You can manage your audit across multiple frameworks in a straightforward way, with evidences centralization and reporting capabilities. CISO assistant also has a unique approach to reusing as much as possible work from previous audits and mapping that to security controls.

Risk Assessment

Based on a lot of groundwork and feedback from cybersecurity experts in multiple fields, we have been refining the workflow and the UI of the risk assessment module to make it as pragmatic and methodology-agnostic as possible.

Batteries included

+30 frameworks and multiple ready-to-use resources and recommendations to get you started quickly without the groundwork. You can also benefit from community-driven libraries and even package yours for reuse across multiple projects.

Productivity First

Thanks to built-in analytics, collaboration features, workflows, automatic sanity checks, scoring assistant and so many capabilities, you can focus on driving your cyber security program instead of doing repetitive tasks.

Import and Export

Multiple import and export features to get you started right away and avoid any lock-in. You can import your libraries of threats and security functions as well as previous analysis to centralize your work in CISO assistant in a very short amount of time.

Open Source

Open source being one of our core values, it translates into our solutions being so. This is a win-win situation, for the community as any small organization can use the free community edition, and for us by learning from good practices all over the world. This also shows in the open formats that we use for framework management and data import and export.

Remediations follow-up

Centralize and track the progress of your remediation plan thanks to the integration with your ticketing management system (jira). CISO Assistant can also track and cross-check the ETA to get you ahead of your timeline and avoid chasing down information across your organization.

Private GenAI

Generative AI has a lot of interesting cases in cyber security and productivity improvement, but it's tricky when you're dealing with such highly sensitive information as your risks and remediation progress. We've been working on engines that ensure your data stay private without sacrificing any advantage.

API First

A flexible (REST) API for automation is available for data extraction, compliance, and risk automation. This is a great enabler for integrating CISO Assistant within your ecosystem.

Scoring and maturity assessment

As requested by the community, we have added a new capability to assess the maturity of criteria during your audit. This allows you to have an extra dimension during your campaigns to benchmark and compare the cyber security posture across projects or divisions.

Let CISO Assistant work for you in no time in a few simple steps

Step 1: Choose your deployment

Kickstart with the free instance or GitHub! The choice is yours. We're here to make your journey as smooth as possible. So, take your pick and let's get started!

Step 2.a: Experiment and Add your content

Follow the documentation to get started with CISO assistant. You can add your own content and experiment with the features. We're here to help you every step of the way on our Discord server.

Step 2.b: Discuss specific features/needs

If you are looking for a specific feature or you have a particular need, we are here to help you. Any customization will be covered by the enterprise plan support and can be tailored to your case.

Step 3: Upgrade your plan

If you are happy with the community edition then we are happy for you. We encourage you to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise to get the most out of CISO Assistant and of guaranteed data migration.


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References & Collaborations

Some of the organizations that we had the pleasure to work with:

French gov
credit agricole
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Ready to get started?

Nothing better than a free instance to test it out and find out how CISO Assistant can help you. Don't waste more time on low values operations and start focusing on what really matters.

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