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About Us

Intuitem approach is pretty simple and straight-forward: our team of highly qualified people focus is to actually create value for our customers. We are driven and passionate about our work and we put our skin in the game to build a strong and lasting win-win relationship.

As hands-on people, we aim to help with the whole process of creating successful digital products and services on the following aspects:

Agile Product and Team Management

Digital product life cycle management in Agile mode. Team building and coaching. Expertise in Scrum, Kanban and SaFE.

Cloud (XaaS) architecture and DevOps

Cloud application architecture and design on public or private cloud. CI/CD pipelines for state of the art software factory.

Cyber security and Risk Management

Security by design approach to secure your applications and IT infrastructure. Risk management framework for cyber threats.


Agile Product and Team Management for Startups or large Organizations

Wether you are a small company beginning with Scrum or an established organization scaling up to SaFE, we can help you define your product strategy, staffing, tooling and go-to market approach.

Our wide expertise in Agile allows us to help you with your transformation toward product, building team, change management and more. We help you get the best of agile method and adapt them to your environment and constraints.

Our approach focus on both people coaching and training as well as proper tooling. We define our success by how autonomous and efficient the team can be once we finish our intervention.


Cloud architecture and DevOps tooling for high quality digital products

Whether you are designing a new architecture, refactoring an existing one, we help you get the best of the current Cloud and DevOps technologies. Our experts are not only certified professionals but hands-on engineers first.

Our area of expertise covers cloud application design with resilience and scalability in mind. We also had the opportunity to help some of our expertise with a transitional go to cloud by relying on hybrid cloud and lift-and-shift approach.

To get a high quality software, you need modern and state of the art software factory. We can help you build a new one or transition your existing pipelines to a scalable architecture.


Cyber security and Risk Management to secure your apps and IT infrastructure

Based on our multiple experiences in highly sensitive domains (eg. government, banking, energy, etc.), risk management and specifically IT threats is one of our most praised skills (ISO 2700X, EBIOS Risk Manager, NIST, custom).

We believe in security by design and we help our customer implement native security capabilities within their products and environments.

As Agile enthusiasts, we created an Agile Security Framework (ASF) for cyber security management and implementation. Learn more at the dedicated website or reach us for a detailled presentation.


We can help through your whole product life cycle and create value together

Study & Plan

Do you have an idea for your next big thing and need to challenge it? You have a vision but need help defining your strategy? Is your product already out there and you need a market study, benchmark or Usability testing? Does your team need assistance with the macro architecture and choosing providers and partners? Are you looking for resources to help with a ramp up (local, outsourcing)? We can help you with that!

Design & Build

Whether it is a pure software or an embedded system, on-premise solution or a full SaaS digital product, we can assist you with the technical design and implementation of your product. Ranging from architecture to the actual code review, we can help. We also had the opportunity to help customers scaling up their business by introducing Agile, SAFe or DevOps good practices and boost up their digital transformation.

Launch & Succeed

Your solution is almost there and you need help with deployment? Our DevOps engineers can help you with the integration as well as KPIs definition and monitoring. Your app beta version and you need to test its usability and assess the customer experience, thanks to our partners, we can provide insights with actual people and help you build the best User eXperience out there.

Check & Enhance

As Agilists, we believe in continuous and iterative improvements, and so should you. We helped our customers with their costs reduction, continuous integration, cloud architecture review (migration to managed services), Blue/Green deployment and security audits / pen-testing. You will definitely appreciate a fresh eye from our experts.

Why choose us?

Here are the top reasons why working with us simply makes sense:

Highly qualified

With both academic and actual experience, our experts have strong technical, management and business background and excellent track record.

Win-Win approach

Our business model is based on building a strong and lasting relationship by putting our skin in the game. We create partnership!

Capitalize on value

We create actual value for our customers either in our delivery or team coaching and training. It's about you first!

Portfolio samples

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Multichannel Audio over Ethernet and IP. Part of AES-67 initiative. Protocol design and hardware implementation.


Admin Portal

Django and Bootstrap based admin portal for mobile fleet, licence and billing management


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Learn more about intuitem founders (and yes, we can meet just for coffee, you will not be charged for it 😉 )


Abderrahmane SMIMITE

Managing Director

Eric Laubacher

Managing Partner


Here are some of the organizations that we had the pleasure to work with:

Open Source

Intuitem is a proud defender of the open source and its community. Here are our main open source projects:

Agile Security Framework (ASF)

a modern approach to include cyber-security in Agile development. Checkout the dedicated website.

ASF Risk Manager

A customizable web platform to efficiently manage IT risks across multiple projects with simplified process and Analytics capabilities.

Contact us if you wish to join the early previews! They are free and always will be!