We help our customers grow through simplicity

Our motto is pretty straightforward: to solve a problem, one should think about what can be simplified or removed before introducing something new. We were able to help multiple organizations launch new innovative products, build resilient infrastructures, and secure their systems by rethinking the existing layers and going back to clean and modern fundamentals.

Simplicity is not always effortless, but in most cases possible, and this is precisely how we can help you.



Our experts cover multiple domains, but they share one common trait that makes our DNA: problem-solving skills through simplicity. As we keep interacting with customers from various industries, we keep refining our approach simultaneously. As of today, our main fields are the following:


Cloud Architecture, Operations and Software Development

We have extensive experience in Cloud applications architecture and design on both public and private clouds. We have been building and running software for a few decades now, and we have learned the best practices along the way while evolving as the technical stacks keep growing.
Keywords: Azure, AWS, GCP, OpenStack, VMware, CI/CD, Jenkins, Git (GitHub/GitLab), Design patterns, Software Factory, Azure DevOps, Containers, Kubernetes, Data, SRE


Cyber Security and Risk Management

We are mostly known for our contribution to create and launch some of the most innovative secure communication systems in France, but that is just part of it. We have been helping multiple companies of different sizes establish cybersecurity practices and performing audits or coaching local teams. Along the way, we have blended these hands-on experiences to create an actionable off-the-shelf framework and simple solutions to support it.
Keywords: NIST, CIS, CSA, ISO 2700x, DevSecOps, MITRE, EBIOS, Shift-left, ASF, Audit, Pentest


Agile Practices and Digital Transformation

For years now, companies have moved away from slow-moving approaches to more flexible and fast decision-making models. The agile movement has succeeded, and Agile is now the dominant methodology. We have been using its core concepts and adapting the frameworks to multiple scenarios across various domains and at different scales.
Keywords: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Team management, Product Management, Customer centricity

Consultancy and expertise


Through our previous experiences, we have established prepackaged products and services to satisfy the most frequent requests. We are open, of course, to adjust the services to fit your specific needs better.

Building and running modern software

At each step of product design, Software architecture and development, Data pipelines (ETL and Analytics), Cloud design and operations, we can help you get the most optimal solutions.


Defining and implementing security programs

Define and implement security practices, either the ASF or your existing frameworks (process and tooling), Security architecture, Risk assessment, and management.


Agile coaching and DevSecOps Integration

Lead and coach Agile transformation, Scale-up agile practices, Implement security-by-design practices and tooling (DevSecOps), Train teams on processes and tools.


Cybersecurity Audit
and Pentest

Audit your infrastructures regarding cybersecurity practices, prepare your organization for ISO-27001 certification, Perform pentests to check your exposure (white, grey, or black box).


Off-the-shelf solutions



(previously ASF Risk Manager)

MIRA offers a straightforward solution to centralize, assess and monitor your IT risks. What makes it special is the fact that it is designed around the analyst user journey and based on field experience.

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CISO Assistant

CISO assistant brings a disruptive yet simple approach to Security Posture Management and align it with ISO-27001 implementation. Release ETA: end of 2022.

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work in progress

Frequently requested

Agile Security Framework

Thanks to our field experiences, we have been able to put in place a modern approach to cybersecurity, particularly designed to fit within an Agile organization: introducing the ASF


The ASF brings an incremental and iterative approach to implement cybersecurity practices through the security grades for a quick yet sustainable deployment


The ASF is designed as a framework based on six foundations to establish your Security posture while giving you room to adapt it to your context


The ASF has been designed to bring real value to the organization by focusing on the foundations of cybersecurity through concrete and measurable actions

Meet the founders

Our Team


Abderrahmane Smimite

Director, Co-founder

Abder. is a Ph.D. with broad knowledge in Cloud architecture, Agile, Analytics and cybersecurity. He is most known for his product design and management skills as well as driving multiple transformation programs, on both organizational and technical levels, for companies ranging from SME to CAC40.
Certifications: CISSP, CSPO, and SAFe SPC.


Eric Laubacher

Director, Co-founder

Eric has extensive knowledge and +25 years of experience in Cybersecurity, innovation, and software development. He is most known for creating Cryptosmart, the French government secured mobile system, as well as Cryptobox, the first cloud collaboration solution powered by E2E encryption.
Certifications: CISSP, Togaf, and ISO 27001 L.I.

And a very skilled team of engineers buidling and maintaining our products and supporting our customers!
What People Are Saying!

Abder is a passionate, motivated, hard working person. He has an excellent technical background and with his "give it 300%" attitude is able to inspire and motivate people to achieve new heights in their career. As a product owner he was able to find the perfect balance between the business and technical parts. On top of that he is very receptive to new ideas and strives for innovation and perfection in all that he does. He is very good at multitasking and finding efficient solutions for urgent problems. His capacity to inspire, motivate and influence other people make him a great leader. He played a major role in my career as a software developer, inspiring me to challenge myself and achieve new highs.

Abderrahmane is one of the most talented people I had the chance to work with. He demonstrated great skills in both product management and software development. Great team mate, he was, at multiple occasion, the one with the good idea at the perfect moment. I feel lucky I had the chance and pleasure to work with him on developing security products. Abderrahmane is an outstanding professional, with innovative grit and an entrepreneurial mindset. I could only recommend him.

I’ve worked in the same team as Abderrahmane at Ercom where he showed great technical skills. He knew how to communicate his vision both with his colleagues and with upper management. His involvement as well as his desire to find solutions to the various problems that arise during a project is immense. Great technical skills, customer support mind and focus on user experience give him all the necessary points to manage products or engineering projects.

Abder is a tireless, self-motivated individual who will do anything it takes to get things moving forward. I worked very closely with Abder for four years, and during that time I saw him evolve from a pure engineering role to a product manager who always had the best interest of his users' experience in mind. I was very impressed by his capacity to innovate, both in terms of technologies he brought to our company such as SaaS and in terms of how to think about users. I highly recommend Abder to anyone looking for an engineering or product leader!

I worked with Abder when he was product manager. Abder is not only dedicated, he's passionate by his missions and the solution/product he's working on. He's always enthusiastic to meet customers and have their feedbacks in order to improve the product/solution. Abder has also marketing skills and presentation abilities, beyond expectations you may have regarding a product manager job. I would work with Abder if I take a chance to create my own company, can't say more!

I've worked in the same team as Abderrahmane for a while. During that time, Abder showed great technical skills and a vision for the project: how to improve both the quality of the product and the efficiency of the developers, all the while keeping in mind that his actions should enhance the workplace happiness. He knew how to communicate his vision both with his colleagues and with upper management. Simply put, Abderrahmane has a comprehensive understanding of a software project combined with excellent people skills.

I have the opportunity to work with Abderrahmane as Product Line Manager. I was impressed by his professional attitude in every circumstances and its proven technical background & skills. Abder Abderrahmane is a great personality, self-motivated, self-disciplined, rigorous, Open minded, high energy, startup minded, Customer Focused, and have a LARGE expertise in Cybersecurity technology & Market. I like also it's 360 approach on the Cybersecurity market whatever on technical and business perspectives, and globally its very large scientific background. It's a great pleasure to work day by day with Abder, and I recommend his profile without hesitation !

As head of IS Internal Audit department at SANOFI (Pharmaceutical Industry) I had the opportunity to setup and perform highly sensitive audit assignments partnering with Eric. His deep knowledge of IT Security and more broadly Cyber Security but also his outstanding ability to quickly understand and share the technical, technological and organizational articulations were key to the success of our partnered initiatives. Indeed, the influence of some recommendations promoted by Eric is still measurable over a decade later in the company. It has always been and will sustainably remain a great pleasure, personal and professional, to exchange and work with Eric. Cheers to your further success.

Eric is the quintessence of cyber-security expertise and innovation. Eric was our innovation leader while I was managing Ercom’s Cybersecurity product unit, and he fathered all our best initiatives in this field, whether for the Mobile Phone used by the French Government at the time (Cryptosmart) or introducing Blockchain and Bug Bounties. Eric will take you through a security assessment with the toughest experts in a pinch, and is always on the lookout for the latest trends. Eric has such a passion and great teaching skills that he will make you love this field too. I really miss working with him and highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for one of the best Cryptography experts in France!

Andrei O.

Senior Product Owner, Revolut

Alexandre A.

Embedded Software Architect, Thales

Stephane B.

Field Application Engineer, Harman

Julia M.

VP of client success, Nautilus

Vincent K.

Enterprise Account Executive, Apple

Alexis G.

Senior Software Engineer, Squarepoint Capital

Philippe A.

Senior Sales Account Executive, Equinix

Philippe H.

Head of IS Audit, Sanofi

Julia M.

VP of client success, Nautilus
We are always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team. Multiple positions are frequently open in France (🇫🇷 Stage, Alternance ou CDI). So make sure to check out our dedicated LinkedIn page or reach us directly.
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