Nginx rewrite rules - the easy way

Abderrahmane Smimite

Unlike other posts or articles that I’m used to sharing, this is not about Cyber Security, Product Management, Agile practices, or data. It’s just something that I’ve spent some time on recently, and I thought it could save someone some valuable time.

Nginx (or Apache) has powerful URL rewrite capabilities that can simplify your migrations. You might want to take a look at it as it could ease it up.

As part of website/web app migration, we often have to handle two main challenges:

A well-established web server can handle the second aspect. But before diving in, you should consider the effort versus the impact and if it is worth it for your case. Basically, it’s about:

If these concerns apply to your case, having Nginx as a proxy can be very handy. The official documentation available here is a good start. If you’re in a hurry, here are the five main things to consider:

The most common patterns are:

And that’s it! Fly now and rewrite the world!

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