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The all-in-one risk management platform

🧭 Vision
Why are we even bothering to create another risk management software?
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As cybersecurity practitioners, we have firsthand experience with the challenges of performing risk analysis for our clients. We have seen how difficult it can be to fit into existing, complex processes that ultimately end up being a waste of time and resources, but also starting from scratch each time to duplicate the same complexity.

CISO Assistant was born out of these experiences. We recognized the need for a risk management platform that could simplify the process and provide actionable insights. What started as a small project for our internal needs quickly became a comprehensive solution that we knew could benefit many organizations facing similar challenges.

We saw a gap in the market for an intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-efficient tool that could help organizations handle their cybersecurity risks effectively. We believe in risk-driven methodologies and are confident that CISO Assistant can make a significant difference in how businesses approach risk management and enhance their overall security posture.

⚙️ Principles
The building principles that make MIRA unique

Approach-agnostic: regardless of the risk analysis methodology, we all produce the same content with the same intent, and MIRA helps you focus on that. It also serves as a safeguard to focus on what matters and avoid getting lost in one approach's specifics.

Intuitive: we believe that the best way to make a tool intuitive is to make it simple. We have designed CISO Assistant to be as straigntforward as possible through multiple iterations and interaction with cyber security practitioners.

Comprehensive: we have designed CISO Assistant to be a one-stop shop for all your risk management needs. The best way to achieve this is to provide a platform that can be used by all stakeholders involved in the risk management process and reduce the context switching as much as possible.

Cost-effective: we believe that cybersecurity should be accessible to everyone. We have designed CISO Assistant to be cost-effective for the core features. Power users can also use our customization options to tailor the solution to their specific needs.

Beyond the "spreadsheet": we wanted MIRA to be more than another typing tool. It has features to review your analysis for coherence, remind you of the deadlines for mitigations, build analytics for reporting, and so many more capabilities

Productivity: the actual value of analysts is their expertise in producing a relevant risk analysis. The UI is structured to minimize the time spent on formatting and switching and instead use the catalogs and previous analyses to focus on the content.

Deployment flexibility: CISO Assistant can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, depending on your maturity and constraints. We offer a free trial to help you decide which deployment option is best.

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☑️ Features
Core features that can be supercharged to fit your needs

  • Folder-based access control
  • Catalog feature to reuse security functions
  • Analyst personal dashboard
  • Automated risk analysis review (X-Rays)
  • OWASP scoring assistant
  • Exec dashboard
  • PDF/CSV export
  • Backup/Restore capabilities
  • Matrix customization
  • Jira integration
  • Threats catalog
  • Risk Acceptance management
  • AI-assisted analysis*
  • Adversary simulator*
(*coming soon)
🚀 Get started
Help me choose the most suitable offer

We provide different options to fit your needs:

  • Cloud-instance - the easiest way to get started with CISO Assistant. No infrastructure is required; sign up and use CISO Assistant in minutes.
  • Self-managed - if you prefer to host CISO Assistant on your infrastructure, we can provide you with a Docker image and Kubernetes manifest to get you started.
  • Custom - if you have specific needs, we can offer a custom offer with extra features and support. We ensure that the core team maintains and supports the additional features.
  • Free - Beyond the free trial, we also offer a free-forever version for education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations.
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