About Us

Last updated: September 06, 2023


As cybersecurity practitioners, we have firsthand experience with the challenges of performing risk and audit management for our clients. We have seen how difficult it can be to fit into existing, complex processes that ultimately end up being a waste of time and resources, but also starting from scratch each time to duplicate the same complexity.

Our solutions were born out of these experiences. We recognized the need for a risk management platform that could simplify the process and provide actionable insights. What started as a small project for our internal needs quickly became a comprehensive solution that we knew could benefit many organizations facing similar challenges.

We saw a gap in the market for an intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-efficient tool that could help organizations handle their cybersecurity program management effectively. We believe in risk-driven methodologies and are confident that CISO Assistant can make a significant difference in how businesses approach risk management and enhance their overall security posture.

The team