Mira vision

As cyber security practitioners, we have tested so many risk management approaches and tools. As they grow, they have drifted away from what matters: user journey and productivity.

Security Teams

Streamlined workflow with reuse capabilities and coherence check to improve analysis quality

Development and Operations Teams

Automatic ticket creation and filling, reminders and extract of remediation plan.

Organization management

Multiple reporting and analytics capabilities to map risk exposure and help with decision making.


Mira core is shipped with multiple features that are agnostic to your risk assessment approach, and can be customized with extra ones to fit your needs.

Group-based access management
Jira integration
Security functions catalog
Threats catalog
Analyst dashboard
Management dashboard
Coherence check (X-Rays)
Matrix customization
OWASP scoring assistant
PDF/CSV export

And more!

Pricing Plans

Flat-rate up to 20 users


2990 €, 33% discount for the first year

1990 € /Year

Cloud instance

3590 €, 33% discount for the first year

2390 € /Year


Go beyond 20 users and add extra features

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I'm interested, what's next?

  1. We get in touch and chat about your use case to start a free trial (use the form)
  2. You decide on the deployment mode: self-managed or cloud-instance
  3. We go beyond mira core with custom features to suit your needs